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Quality Assurance Officer




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Job Description

The Quality Assurance Officer, is primarily responsible for implementing the construction’s approved Quality Management Plan, supervising pre-snagging and post-snagging processes. He/she is also responsible for representing the developer and providing oversight and independent inspection and verification of construction contractor quality control processes, and to document all findings for followup, monitor and inspect construction activities and advise the developer on quality control and quality assurance issues, such as non-compliance with industry standards.


Job Responsibilities

  1. Development of Quality Assurance Standards:
    • Develop new standards for production and design, with improvements as needed
    • Create testing protocols for implementation across all service lines.
    • Analyze and investigate product complaints or reported quality issues to ensure resolution in accordance with company guidelines and external regulatory requirements.
    • Develop or update company procedures to ensure capture, investigation, and proper documentation of complaints.
    • Plan, conduct and monitor testing and inspection of materials and products to ensure finished product quality
    • Devise sampling procedures and directions for recording and reporting quality data


  1. Implementation of Quality Assurance Standards:
    • Interpret, build upon, and comply with company quality assurance standards.
    • Assist operations in tracking, documenting, and reporting quality levels as well as CSR, environmental, and health and safety goals.
    • Coordinate and support on-site audits conducted by external providers


  1. Supervision of Quality Assurance Standards:
    • Carefully maintain complaint and nonconformance processing through records and tracking systems, including root cause and corrective actions.
    • Monitor risk-management procedures, and maintain problem logs for identifying and reporting issues to management and product development
    • Interpret and implement quality assurance standards and procedures
    • Review the implementation and efficiency of quality and inspection systems
    • Prepare reports to communicate outcomes of quality activities
    • Document quality assurance activities with internal reporting and audits.
    • Evaluate audit findings and implement appropriate corrective actions
    • Assure ongoing compliance with quality and industry regulatory requirements
    • Drive and document Quality Assurance meetings with the Project Manager, CMs and CC HOD
    • Conduct preparatory, initial, and follow-up meetings to establish an understanding of the standards of products desired for each definable feature of work
    • Conduct root cause analysis on quality failures with detailed suggestion on improvement
    • Ensure quality control is managed by adding value to Construction Manager’s work.
    • Provide improved process controls and brand image and reputation, which should result in higher demand for products, potentially higher selling prices due to demand for our products and high quality and lower costs to the developer for fixing after handover snags.
    • Implement a foundation of the pre-snagging process.
    • An internal system of checks and balances for the quality of products.


Educational background:

  1. Bachelor's degree in Construction Management, Architecture, and/or Engineering; and related fields.
  2. Professional certifications in areas of Quality Audit, Quality Improvement, Quality Inspection, Auditing and Testing experience.
  3. Interior designing skills/knowledge or experience will be an added advantage



Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Computer competence/literacy
  2. Knowledge of quality assurance terminology, methods, and tools
  3. Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills
  4. Demonstrated knowledge of testing best practices, version control practices, and defect management practices
  5. Experience with implementation of corrective action programs
  6. Product or industry-specific experience
  7. Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office, QA applications and reporting
  8. Knowledge of tools, concepts and methodologies of QA
  9. Solid experience in effective usage of data analysis tools and statistical analysis
  10. Knowledge of relevant regulatory requirements
  11. Customer service orientation - Increased worker engagement, culture of continuous improvement, collaboration and effective interaction with stakeholders.
  12. Training skill to provide training and support to the quality assurance team that includes systems, policies, procedures, and core processes.

Other Skills:

  1. Communication, documentation and presentation skills.
  2. Attention to detail particularly in construction finishing detail
  3. Data collection, management and analysis
  4. Problem analysis, critical thinking and problem solving
  5. Planning and organizing
  6. Decision-making skills
  7. Teamwork
  8. Customer centricity

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