The Story

The design of Fumba Town as a Supporting Town for Zanzibar Town is catering for the fast-growing demand for homes due to the strong growth of population and economy in Zanzibar. The number of people in the Urban West Region is growing with 6,1% per year, of which 4% has a migration background of people coming to work in Zanzibar's fast-growing tourism industry. Fumba Town is master-planned with an inclusive concept offering modern homes and services like shops, schools, medical facilities as well as recreational facilities for a broad spectrum of the middle-class.

The project's location just south of the International Airport of Zanzibar on a plot of 600,000 m2 with a 1,5 km seafront makes it a unique and excellently accessible site for a new town in Zanzibar.

The target is to build approximately three thousand residential units in three phases. Parallel to that the 180,000 m2 commercial land bank will be developed, offering services and business as well as work opportunities for the residents of the Town and Zanzibar in general.

The unique mix of modern, high-quality and affordable houses based on permaculture principles and state-of-the-art infrastructure are some of the essential factors which have made this project a success and the fastest-selling real estate development in Tanzania.

Today more than 45% of Phase 1 with over 1,800 residential units are sold and under construction. More than 350 units are completed and handed over to homeowners of which the owners or tenants already occupy many. The total sales volume of Phase 1 is 120 M USD (net sales volume of the entire project is estimated at over 200 M USD), and unit prices are starting at 12,500 USD for a studio apartment to 399,000 USD for 5 Bedroom standalone Villa. Rates of the units offered have appreciated by an average 15% per year, which, together with the already achieved return of 8% from rental income generates attractive returns for home buyers and investors alike.

The second phase will focus on the commercial development with the Fumba Town Boulevard and Piazza on the Seafront at its heart, together with a Hotel, Retail and Class A commercial mixed-use space. The first Commercial Centre catering for the primary residence is under construction and will open in early 2022.

The third phase is then again, predominantly residential with the approximately same size as Phase 1. The first upmarket residential community - Fumba Greens - already launched in 2019.

Facts about FT

Figures are subject to change. As of January 2022

Area / Location:

Fumba Town is situated in the urban west part of Unguja also known as Zanzibar Island, 15 km south of the Zanzibar International Airport and 20 minutes drive to the well known World Heritage site - Stone Town.

Fumba Town is being developed on 149 acres sized pieces of land on the Fumba Peninsula with a 1.5km beautiful seafront stretch.


  • 6.1% population growth
  • 15% plus - annual growth of the tourism industry
  • 3,000 plus residential units to accommodate 15,000 plus residence
  • 60,000 plus new homes needed in Zanzibar Town over the next 15 years - population growth of 600,000

Number of units to be built:

Fumba Town is anticipated to build a community with more than 3000 units, offering a wide range of options from budget-friendly apartments to luxurious villas

Number of units under construction:

Over 700 units of Phase 1 are currently under construction or have been completed

Number of units completed:

Fumba Town has successfully completed a total number of 366 units

House and unit types


The project provides an extensive variety of unit types, floorplans, and significantly meets the needs, demands, and financial states of each home buyer. The prices range as low as $12,500 to $399,900

Nationalities represented:

The town has thrived to cater equitable modern living solutions to more than 52 nationalities from all over the world