CPS Zanzibar Company Profile


To create homes and communities that are strong, safe, sustainable and accessible to all. Our aspirational and successful real estate projects are adding value for people so we can build an environment worth living.


Transforming lives and empowering communities to grow sustainably through development of inclusive projects that have a social impact. Solving real challenges enabling people to live their best lives in Tanzania and beyond.

Company profile

Our Company - CPS Zanzibar Limited is a ZIPA registered private company, located in Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam founded by Sebastian, Tobias and Katrin Dietzold.

Our Purpose - The Company's purpose is to develop vibrant urban communities that add value for our investors, nurture social capital and empower families and local businesses.

Our Impact - In 2023 the company is responsible for the implementation of 4 projects in Zanzibar.

Our Projects - CPS Zanzibar designs living spaces that are tailored to the needs of the target market. Our developments are accessible, close to nature and offer features that support its residents in everyday life to ensure an inspiring lifestyle that is worth living in. In all of our projects, we attach great importance to renewable raw materials in the manufacturing process that promote local markets. We design our projects in such a way that they can be managed according to the principles of permaculture.

Our Team - We employ, train and promote all important positions that guarantee the implementation of a successful project in-house. This includes project development, project management, town management and marketing as well as the relevant areas such as finance, legal affairs and customer care.

Our Network - In order to live up to our claim as an innovator and trailblazer, we are closely associated with key companies in the areas of sales, town services, urban planning, architecture, product development and timber construction.

Our Success - CPS Zanzibar is the fastest-selling developer in Tanzania. We are setting the benchmark in all aspects of the real estate sector. Since our company was founded, our sales and development volume has increased steadily.

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Culture and values

Start with the Heart - We genuinely do the right thing for our people and communities; this includes our clients, employees and business partners.

Obsessed with Impact - Everything we do is about positively impacting the environment in which we operate. We are resilient survivors who always aim to exceed expectations

Trailblazing - We are pioneers of the future who pave the way and embrace challenges by finding innovative ways to overcome them and set new standards

Green is a currency - We believe in creating viable ways of protecting and nurturing the environment. We consider it our responsibility to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable projects. We rate "green" as a valuable currency.
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The people behind

Sebastian Dietzold - CEO
Tobias Dietzold - CCO
Katrin Dietzold - COO
Milan Heilmann - Project Manager The Burj Zanzibar & The Soul
Ridhiwan Mwafujo - Head of Finance
Benedict Deogratias - Acting Head of HR/Admin
Joel Lyaruu - Head of Marketing & PR
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