Who we are

We transform lives and empower communities to grow sustainably by developing inclusive projects that have a social impact. Solving real challenges enables people to live their best lives in Tanzania and beyond.

Our mission is to create homes and communities that are strong, safe, sustainable and accessible to all. Our aspirational and successful real estate projects add value for people to build an environment worth living in.
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What we do

CPS develops large scale urban developments to supply safe and equitable homes for thousands of families in Tanzania and East Africa.
Technology impacting a whole economy

To offer large numbers of durable and equitable homes, we are using sustainable and scalable construction technology such as engineered wood products. Industrialised construction technology and pre-manufacturing allow us to produce residential units quickly at low production costs and without compromising in quality.

Concepts with focus on the community

The combination of beautiful, equitable homes within carefully designed masterplans and putting the development of safe, green and family-friendly communities at its core, creates a product which matches the strongly growing demand for homes in Tanzania.

Creation of wealth with flexible financing

Together with financial institutions we are implementing solutions to make the ownership of new homes more accessible for people, families and small business owners who are not bankable and do not have access to financing today. This will strengthen wealth development and support the finance sector's growth in Tanzania.

Our Projects

Fumba Town
The first sustainable, equitable housing development in East Africa, Fumba Town has been praised for its innovative approach to developing efficient, accessible buildings for the African residential market.
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The Soul

The Soul is a fully serviced, residential-leisure facility situated in the midst of Zanzibar’s beautiful and exotic East Coast. The soul offers apartments for your perfect stay in Zanzibar and with attractive returns on investment.

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The Pavilion

As the first commercial centre for the fast-growing Fumba Town the Pavilion will provide key services such as retail, offices, food and beverage, medical services as well sports facilities.

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The Burj Zanzibar

The Burj Zanzibar is elevating the urban Zanzibar lifestyle to new limits. A landmark not only for Zanzibar but the entire continent, showcasing a new era of exclusivity and ambition.

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News feed

CPS STEM Program Supports Tanzanian Women in Engineering
Fumba Town - Tanzania’s fastest-selling real estate development has unveiled STEM - an inspiring program that offers practical learning, skills and career development opportunities to female engineering graduates.  The female STEM support program targets female graduate interns and aims to close the gender gap in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This program was introduced […]
Save the seas, wear a net
Zanzibar holiday sparks huge green business in Europe During a three-week-visit to Zanzibar a German couple discovers his mission and starts turning old fishnets into „bracenets“.  By now Madeleine von Hohenthal and Benjamin Wenke have sold more than 100,000 of the green accessories online. Together with international partner organisations they have recovered more than 700 […]
CPS wins the TRA awards
CPS company has become the first overall winner in the group of medium taxpayers in terms of local taxes from Unguja. These achievements are the result of complying with the principles of tax payment effectively with the mission to fully contribute to building the Nation's economy. The award was received by the CEO CPS, Mr […]