December 23, 2022
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CPS wins the TRA awards

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CPS company has become the first overall winner in the group of medium taxpayers in terms of local taxes from Unguja.

These achievements are the result of complying with the principles of tax payment effectively with the mission to fully contribute to building the Nation’s economy. The award was received by the CEO CPS, Mr Sebastian Dietzold accompanied by the Chief Operating Officer CPS, Mrs Katrin Dietzold.

“We achieved a great milestone with this and personally want to dedicate this award to our fantastic finance team,” Mrs Dietzold said.

She added, “this is just the beginning. Soon we will stand there with all our sister companies. Together we build the nation.”

During the event the award was presented to CPS by the Director of ICT and representative of the Commissioner General for IRA, Emmanuel Nnko.

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