January 8, 2024
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Zanzibar is famous for historic Stone Town. But now the island’s modern architecture starts gaining international recognition, too. 

The white modern living style of Fumba Town based on green principles has won a prestigious award in Dubai recently. CPS Africa, who started the unique island development in 2015, received the ‘Residential Development 20+’ award by the African section of ‘International Property Awards’. The London-based organisation works with a jury of 90 international architects und industry experts. 

The awards celebrate outstanding achievements in various categories, including architecture, interior design and property development. The program is open to professionals worldwide. Fumba Town showcases half a dozen of different houses and apartment types for all budgets, including high-tech timber buildings. The growing sea-side suburb is embedded in permaculture, has Adobe playgrounds for kids and open-air organic restaurants. 

Sebastian Dietzold, CEO of CPS Africa, expressed his joy, stating, “Winning the African Property Award is not only a recognition for Fumba Town but the whole of Zanzibar and Tanzania. Our ambition is to shape spaces that redefine how communities live and thrive.” The company has offices in Zanzibar, Dar es Salaa and Nairobi.

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